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Now accepting commissions for large Amalgamation paintings, Prices from £300
Please see the video to get an idea what they look like. 
Click on the link below: 
Viktor Tilson is now a brand ! Shop online to buy lots of useful products and clothes featuring his famous designs. click here to visit the store.
Here are just a few of the items available for purchase via his online store:
"Bauhaus One" Porcelain plate. (design also available in paper plate packs for parties)
"Amalgamation" Flip Flips (Thongs if you are Australian)
Also available in black / white. Selection of adult sizes.
Thermal mug featuring "Bauhaus One" design
The ever faithful re usable shopping "Amalgamation design" shopping bag
Can be folded.

Here are some examples of paintings:
Below is one of my oil works, produced Feb 2015. Size: 16 x 12 inches - SOLD
I paint my oils pretty heavy so drying takes months (at least 6 months) hence I don't produce many. 

Below is painting produced in Jan 2015, I'd say this is my typical freestyle and has been for the last 30+ years. Acrylic on board 16 x 12 inches. Sold Feb 2015.

Here below is an example of my usual painting style, currently for sale as of June 2015.
Title: Diagonal II    size: 12 x 6 inches    © Copyright 2015 Viktor Tilson

Below: "Lemon Zest". This painting produced in Autumn 2014 is very dear to me. It was inspired by a musical composition by The Tiger Club who I stumbled across via Twitter. I asked if it was alright to use the music as my inspiration and this  is the result. One of those beautiful collisions between artistic forces, I enjoyed the experience so much and I think it shows.  The painting now resides with the band in California, USA.

Below: An example of an "Amalgamation Painting".
I started painting these several years ago, people often associate me with this style in particular and I still love producing them. 

Updated: Jan '15
There are now replicas of my Amalgamation Painting design appearing online by other artists. The "Amalgamation Painting" is a unique design, only the originals have my signature.  
© Copyright 2015 "Amalgamation Painting" & "Amalgamation Series" Owned by Viktor Tilson


Below: An example of an "Amalgamation Stripe" Painting, these are available in a range of sizes and colour combinations. June 2014 (sold)

"Connection" - June 2014 (15 x 15 x 4cm)  Sold
"Formation" -  June 2014 (15 x 15 x 4cm)  Sold
"Transition" is a spin off from my "Amalgamation Series", being a bit of a hybrid and on a much larger scale due to public demand. Still with the intense colour combinations and great texture. Canvas size shown below is 28 x 36 x .5 inches (71 x 92 x 1.5cm).
Canvas can be made to measure if required with a selection of depths. A variety of standard sizes are also available. 
Further info call 01453 825 229 (Int'l +44 1453 825229)
BluBlak Series is back ! (below)
I have decided to revisit the "BluBlak" works I did back in 2010 by creating some more additions to the series. Below you will see 2 examples. (Below, sold resides in Germany)
Below: Now sold
AMALGAMATION SERIES (©copyright 2015)
A unique introduction to works by Viktor Tilson
This series of works has grown to become incredibly popular in recent years, the technique use was developed over several years, many have tried to copy it. These works never fail to impress in their quality and complexity. (sizes vary)
Below: Acrylic on board. 12 x 16 inches
Please contact me for price / to reserve. Tel:01453 825229
Below: "Fluidity".   SOLD. 
(16 x 12 inches, 405mm x 305mm,  acrylic on board) 
Below: "Shards".
(16 x 12 inches acrylic on board)      SOLD (Germany)
Below: "Untitled". SOLD
(16 x 12 inches, 405mm x 305mm Oil on board)  Contact me for price and to reserve.
Below: SOLD
(16 x 12 inches oil on board)  
Below: For Sale
(16 x 12 inches oil on board)  
Below: For Sale
(16 x 12 inches oil on board)
Below: SOLD
(16 x 12 inches oil on board)   
Below: Sold
(16 x 12 inches oil on board)  
Below: Sold
(16 x 12 inches oil on board)   
(16 x 12 inches oil on board)   
Below: Sold
(16 x 12 inches oil on board)  
(16 x 12 inches oil on board)   
Below: Produced Jan 2013, SOLD. (Australia) 
(16 x 12 inches oil on board)
Below: For Sale
Oil on board 16 x 12 inches   
Below: For Sale
Oil on board 16 x 12 inches   

Below:For Sale
(16 x 20 inches oil on board) 
Photos below from a recent show of mine:
Below: "Moorish Dream".  (Sold Nov 12)  Acrylic on board, 16 x 12 inches. 
This was pretty much a typical Tilson, a final return to acrylics after a year of oil works.
Below: A rare impressionist style landscape. River Wey, Ripley, Surrey. oil on board.14 x 10 inches
Only proper landscape I have produced in oil, did it just to prove a point I think. 
Call 07968 25641207968 256412 for further details, e-mail:
Below: Painting from "The Water Meadow Series" (now closed). Oil on board14 x 10 inches
Call 07968412   e-mail:
Below: "The Beach". For Sale.    14 x 10 inches
Below: Sold Dec '12 
Below: Sold Dec '12

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© Copyright 2016 "Amalgamation Painting" Owned by Viktor Tilson

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